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1st  Grade

Ms. Ramirez

I was born and raised in the Elko area. More specifically, I grew up on a ranch in Tuscarora, NV. Growing up I would spend most summer days helping my dad on the ranch. Whether it was moving cows, fixing fences, branding, anything in between, I was there. I loved growing up in a small community. The school I attended was IVES. It was a two room school house that was K-8, similar to E.I.A.A. The only difference was that there was only one teacher for the whole school. Granted there were never more than 13 students at once. When given the opportunity, I loved helping my younger classmates with their work. It was then that I decided I wanted to pursue a career as a teacher.


 As I grew older I yearned to travel the world. I knew there were so many places I wanted to see. During high school I joined FCCLA and had the opportunity to travel within the states to different events. After high school, I decided I wanted to travel much further. I ended up volunteering abroad at a summer school in Barcelona, Spain. It was probably the best summer I have ever had! I explored different parts of Europe and Africa before coming home. Since then, I have also traveled to different parts of Mexico, as well as Costa Rica and the Bahamas. I graduated from GBC with my BA in Elementary Education in December 2021.

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