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The EIAA Governing Board

EIAA's Governing Body is composed of dedicated community members with professional experience and expertise in organizational and financial management, administration, education, fund-raising, law, marketing, personnel managment, public relations, owning a business and parenting.   


The Governing Body  attempts to replace members so as not have a majority turnover in a  year.  The Board Development committee continuously accepts nominations and applications.  


Board Chair - Dennis Zimmerman - 

Jesse James -             

Demar Dahl -                                  

Nate Mildren -

James Winer -

Brandy Anderson -

Lynette Vega -


Elko Institute for Academic Achievement 2021-2022 School Performance Plan: A Roadmap to Success

The word “govern” derives from a Greek word meaning “to steer a ship."


"Governance is not about budget lines, personnel issues and field trip approvals. It is about values and vision and strategic leadership. The re-invention of the school board calls for a new paradigm, a fresh reconstruction of what the work of the board is to be.”


The ability of the charter school to carry out its mission and vision depend on the strength of its organizational foundation.  A critical element of this foundation is the charter school board itself. The board carries the mission of the school into the community and brings the views of the community into the school.


 (from Intro to Creating an Effective Charter School Governing Board )


Vision and Mission


…As outlined in the Charter for EIAA…

Vision Statement:

The Elko Institute for Academic Achievement is a highly visible school known for its challenging academics and innovative curriculum. We actively strive to be a leader in matching curriculum to student ability. We promote and encourage students to think critically, produce creatively, develop special talents and embrace challenges.



Our mission is to empower students to acquire and value knowledge and skills that will support them as life-long learners and leaders, to contribute to the world, and practice the core values of our school: RESPECT, HONESTY, KINDNESS, and EXCELLENCE. I am a Coyote; I am in charge of me. I am respectful, I am kind, I strive for excellence!

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