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EIAA Enrollment and Lottery Policy

What is a lottery?

When the number of applicants exceeds max enrollment for a grade level, students are selected by a random lottery. A numbered waitlist will be established for all applicants that apply during the Open Enrollment period.



How do I apply for my student to be included in the lottery?

To be considered for any current or future enrollment opportunities, place your student’s name in the applicant pool by creating a Lottereasae account and selecting the appropriate grade level. Only the legal parent/guardian of each student on the application may apply for that student.

*Completion and submission of an initial enrollment form does not guarantee admission to, or constitute acceptance to EIAA.



What are the chances of my student being selected to attend?

Enrollment opportunities vary by grade. There are 44 seats available for each grade Kindergarten – 8th grade. Student chances vary depending on the number of applicants and available seats for that grade level. You will be contacted by Lotterease if your student has been selected.

It is very important to keep this information current. It is the parent/guardians responsibility to make any changes or update your application and contact information.



Do I need to re-enroll for the applicant pool each year?

Yes. Each year during Open Enrollment, you need to re-enroll if your student was not accepted for the current school year. Once a student is registered and attending you do not need to reapply; however, all enrolled students must provide a Declaration of intent to return the following year.


What is the Lottery Selection Format?

  • Lotterease  

All applicants that apply after the Open Enrollment period will remain in a general application pool and be eligible for future lottery selections held for that academic year.

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