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EIAA Child Find Program

Are you concerned about one of your younger children? Does he or she seem to have difficulty hearing, seeing, or learning? Perhaps it is time for a Child Find Evaluation.

Who can refer a child to Child Find?

Parents, educators, doctors, or other community members may refer a child to Child Find for assessment. However, the parent or guardian must give permission for any assessment.

Which children are eligible for services?

When a child aged 2.9 to 5 years old is referred to Child Find, the child will be assessed by various professionals, depending on the area of concern. When the assessments are completed, the staff will meet with the parent to determine eligibility. If a child is found eligible, the parent must first consent to have special education services provided. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is then developed and Child Find helps to determine the appropriate location for services.

What about children older than 5 or a 5-year-old who is in kindergarten?

If the child is enrolled in Oasis Academy, please contact the teacher about your concerns. If the child is enrolled in a different school, contact that school. If the child is being homeschooled, contact the Child Find office for your school district.

How do I contact Child Find?

Please contact the school district office in your county and ask for the Child Find office.

(775) 283-2000 Carson City
(775) 423-5184 Churchill County
(702) 799-7463 Clark County
(775) 782-5134 Douglas County
(775) 738-5196 Elko County
(775) 485-6382 Esmeralda
(775) 237-5373 Eureka County
(775) 623-8100 Humbolt County
(775) 635-2888 Lander County
(775) 728-4471 Lincoln County
(775) 463-6800 ext. 129 Lyon County
(775) 945-2403 Mineral County
(800) 796-6273 Nye County
(775) 273-7819 Pershing County
(775) 333-5035 Washoe County
(775) 289-4851 White Pine County

Child Find

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