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Project Updates

  •  EIAA purchased just under 10 acers of land. Click for Map of Parcel

  •  Application approved by USDA

  •  Zone change approved by the City Planning Commission to PQP

  • Loan approved by USDA

  • Zone change goes to City Council approved

  • Appraisal of land/final buildout complete

  • Construction Manager under contract after completion of RFQ 

  • Architect under contract after completion of RFQ

  • Design Drawings complete and submitted to City for required permits

  • Invitation to Bid advertised and open for General Contractor services

  • Capital Campaign has begun

  • Registration of Intent to Bid:  June 9 to

  • Mandatory Site Visit and Pre-Bid/Pre-Construction meeting:  June 9 at 11:00AM

  • Bid Closed:  June 17 at 2:00 PM (All sealed bids must be received at EIAA, 1031 Railroad Street, Ste 107 by this time to be accepted)

  • Bid Award:  June 21, 2022 at 5:30 PM  (All bids were rejected due to the costs submitted)


At this time, all involved parties are in the process of exploring alternatives to the construction project due to the bid amounts submitted for the project.  All Contractors have participated in value engineering to determine what can be altered in the plans/design, our financial team has been researching additional funding sources, our Construction Management team is researching alternative materials as our Administrative staff and board members continue to actively seek capital campaign contributions.  If you would be interested in taking an active role in this project, please contact us at 775-738-3422.  We appreciate any, and all, support you may be able to give. 


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