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EIAA is a public charter school.  This means we use a lottery system to place students in our school.  We have 1 class per grade with 22 students in each class.  Completing the registration through Lotterease does not guarantee your child a spot.  Completing the registration places your student in a seat only if a seat is available. If there is not a seat available, completing the registration places your student on the waiting list for the current year or on next years list to be pulled during the lottery. 

If you would like to see our school or have questions please visit 1031 Railroad St. Suite 107 in Elko. If you have questions you can contact our enrollment secretary Lori Miner at or 738-3422.


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Volunteers Make a Difference

At EIAA we depend a great deal on volunteers and appreciate all who are willing

to lend their time and talents to our school.  Volunteering is not required of parents or families. There are several opportunities available to help out - there's always lots to do! 


Classroom Help

  • Working with individual or small groups of students

  • Assisting on field trips

  • Bringing your expertise and knowledge into our classrooms


School/Clerical Support

  • Photocopying

  • Laminating

  • Data Entry

  • Small Projects

  • Cross Walk Volunteer Before and After School



  • Hot Lunch Support

  • Milk Program Support

  • Toy and Food Drive

  • Bingo Night

  • Buck-a-Roo Breakfast

  • Green Eggs-n-Ham

  • Talent and Art Show

  • Teacher/Staff Appreciations

  • Field Day

Financial Contribution

Would you like to make a contribution to facilitate learning at EIAA? We work to provide our students with many opportunities in and out of the classroom. In doing so we have several clubs and groups that are always looking to grow and provide our students with additional experiences and opportunities. 

If you are interested in volunteering, contributing, would like to learn more or would like to share ideas please contact Ms. Perkins at 775-738-3422 or

All donations to EIAA can be used for a tax write off!


All donations made by credit card through the PayPal donate button below costs the school 2.2% of the donation plus .30 per transaction. If you would like to donate directly to EIAA avoiding any fees, please fill out the form below and pay by check to EIAA.