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EIAA Pokemon/Lego/Games Club - Grades K-8

Pokemon is a fun and mythical game in which the player learns reading, math and strategy skills. Other skills are teamwork and social skills. Students are encouraged to work together, solve problems and build strategy.

Students will not be able to bring out Pokemon cards during school hours. Students will also not be able to trade cards. All tournaments will end in a friendly battle with the cards being returned to the previous owner. If your child does not have cards, cards may be available to borrow for the round.

Creative construction with Lego blocks is a fun way for children to develop engineering skills, spacial reasoning, and increase their divergent thinking.

Chess was invented more than 1500 years ago. It has many academic benefits such as helping students in the following manner: focus, visualize, think ahead, weighing options, analyzing options, thinking abstractly, planning, and juggling multiple considerations simultaneously.


Chess is a great way to bring children of different ages, races and genders together in an activity they can enjoy. It also teaches children sportsmanship and to not give up when encountering defeat. These skills are all part of the game that helps kids build educational and social benefits.

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